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Forever Rose Box - Single With Jewelry Drawer

Forever Rose Box - Single With Jewelry Drawer

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Looking for a unique gift for a special person? We’ve got one for you - Everlasting Roses in an Acrylic Box.

The Acrylic Rose Box shows off our preserved Everlasting Roses in the most dramatic fashion — suspended in a see-through box that allows for a 360-degree view of each perfectly picked flower. With the rose buds so clearly and beautifully presented, you’ll never need to open the box, therefore preserving them for as long as possible. We like to think of these as sleeping beauties, encased in their own little castle.

  • Farm-fresh flowers handpicked in Ecuador and carefully arranged by our master florists in Ontario
  • Clear acrylic box with a drawer that could be used to store jewelry, make-up or other small items - perfect for bedside table decor
  • 1 Everlasting Rose that looks its best for at least a year
  • Wide assortment of colors